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Structure of mid-term tests

Each mid-term test consists of a test question, a figure analysis, and an essay question part.
  • The simple choice question tests the knowledge of small details. Students should choose the best suggested answer of the given four possibilities. Maximum 35 % of the points can be collected with this type of the questions.
  • In the figure analysis a complete figure has to be described and topic-related questions should be answered. The figure can be found in the lecture notes (PDF files) published on our web page. Maximum 15 % of the points can be collected here.
  • In the essay questions students should describe a topic in context. Students may add an outline structure to the coherent text, and may draw figures, if necessary. The essay question is either a topic from the topic list or it can cover a part of complete topic. If the question is not detailed enough we give the list of those subtopics which should be included in the essay. Maximum 50 % of the points can be collected with the essay.