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Requirements system

A semester is accepted if the student fulfills both the lab and the point system requirements.

The requirements of a semester can only be fulfilled during the given semester according to the announced schedule. No other chance is available to complete missing obligations after the examination period starts. In order to fulfill the requirements of this non-completed semester student will have to sign up for that semester in physiology again.

Student will be exempted from the labs, if he or she signs up for taking physiology again only to collect enough points. Student will be exempted from lectures and mid-terms, if he or she signs up for taking physiology again only to redo the labs. If a student signs up for a semester again to redo the labs or the mid-terms, all the lab results or points of the not-completed semester will be erased, respectively.

Not completing, consequently retaking any part of physiology course might involve some financial consequences (i.e. repetition fee). For detail please contact the Students' Secretariat.