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Frequently Asked Questions

About Grading system of mid-terms

Maximum 20 points can be collected in one mid-term. 11 or above: you passed. Between 7 and 10: it is a conditional failing. It means you can make up your points with the other mid-terms in order to reach over 50% of maximum points. So this mid-term can be accepted based on the total points. 6 or under: failed mid-term. This mid-term must be retaken at the end of the semester (make up mid-term).

About Make up Mid-term

Two mid-terms can be made up at the end of the semester. The date and time is announced earlier. No other date is available. Any mid-term can be made up it can be a missed, an unsuccessful, or a successful mid-term. Always the better mid-term result counts. Students must sing up for make up mid-terms in the personal login area till noon of the last work day prior to the mid-term. The link to the sign up page is activated after the last mid-term of the semester.

About Make up Lab

In contrast to the make up mid-terms it is not needed to sign up for make up labs. Student should appear in time as announced for his/her group. Only 2 labs can be made up. Extra point can only be gained if student makes up a missing lab and has at least 8 points for the test. In case of making up an unsuccessful lab no extra point is granted (2nd try of the lab).

About Sitting for the Final Exam with an Extended Test

Please note that you will still be able sit for the final exam with an extended test, if you have only 2 failed mid-terms and/or have one semester below 50% but your overall percentage of the two semesters is above 50. If in one semester you had less than 50 % of possible points or you had one or two failed mid-terms, you can sill go to next semester, where you can collect enough points to get an overall average above 50 %. Therefore, we encourage you to continue with your studies in physiology even if you did not pass one of the elements of the requirements system.

About Extended test

The extended test consists of 15 extra multiple choice questions from the semester you did not actually succeed. The extended test must be repeated prior to each trial of the final exam.

About Singing up for the Final Exam

Students who have physiology exam in the examination period must sign up also in the login area. Signing up is only possible after the semester ends and it is closed. Do not worry there is no limit for the number of students to sit for the exam. Please note that you will have to sign up for the exam till noon of the last work day prior to the exam date (no exceptions).

About "What will be the essay topic in the Exam tomorrow?"

Students tend to ask questions about the Essay topic of the upcoming exam. "Could you tell me which chapters should I focus on for the exam?" We usually suggest students to learn carefully the nervous system, especially "The role of the spinal cord in the somatic sensations; afferent (ascendent) spinal tracts" topic. For your information: all the topics are important.