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The theoretical part of our physiology material consists of a stock (essential) and an accessory/additional part. The essential part includes the minimal knowledge required for further veterinary studies and for the future veterinary practice. The essential material can be found in the "Required Literature". The additional material can be acquired in the lectures that include a plethora of supplementary information. PowerPoint presentations used by the lecturers and "lab" manuals may be downloaded from the Department' s web site using the login information provided to each student.

According to 5/2007 circular letter of the Dean, attendance to lectures is obligatory. Each student is allowed to miss maximum 3 lecture hours per semester. The absence (for any other educational reason) has to be certified by the instructor of the student. Absence due to proven (medical certificates) long-term hospitalization is considered as certified. The Department of Physiology and Biochemistry verifies the attendance to lectures on a random basis.

Students will loose all their points collected during the semester if the number of missing lectures registered exceed three (see requirements system).