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Mid-term tests

Students write four mid-term tests in each semester. The tests cover the topics of the related theoretical material. The definitive list of material and the group schedule for the mid-term tests will be announced on our webpage and on the announcement board 2 weeks prior the test-writing. The dates of the mid-terms cannot be changed.

Maximum 20 points can be collected on a mid-term test. Results should be above 50%. Between 35 % and 50 % (7 to 10 points) the result is considered as conditional failing. Below 35 % it is unconditional failing. This mid-term should be retaken at the end of the semester (make up mid-term).

The results of the mid-term test are published on the announcement board and on our web page. Detailed data are emailed to students.

Tests are on display in a limited interval. The date and time of display are announced with results. No further possibility is given to see the tests.