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Student essay

Students of the English class in physiology may prepare a Student Essay (SE) based on their results in Physiology I. The top 50% of students are invited. Students should work on a topic in groups of three. The final result of the Student essay is a wiki web page on the WikiWikiWeb of the department. Students should choose a topic from the announced topic list. Students prepare the SE based on scientific papers under the guidance of the supervisors. The aim is to demonstrate the student' s ability to gather and appropriately combine scientific information from textbooks and the scientific literature. The final essay requires the creative work of the small team. The value of the wiki web page is judged by the measure of intellectual investment in converting relevant scientific data into an easily understandable text-book type format.

Sign-up for the SE

The SE is voluntary. Students should sign up for SE topic in the login area of our web page. The sign up submenu will open at 8 pm on March 1, 2017. The web page a week later. Topics are listed on the message board of the department prior to the deadline. At the same time topics are posted as an Announcement on the department web page.

Signed project certificate (download below) should personally be submitted to the supervisor by March 10, 2017. Participating the Library Informatics lecture at 9:15 on March 22, 2017 is also precondition.

Final essay

As a first step, a written draft should be introduced till March 26, 2017. The draft can be submitted in printed from or by email to the supervisor.

Students should seek further scientific articles related to their topic. Information available on the Internet (other then scientific papers – in other words, information from unverified web pages) should only be used after stringent critical appraisal.

The SE should meet several requirements. It must be well structured. We strongly encourage students to point out how the topic is related to the physiology lectures. A separate chapter may summarize relevant knowledge coming from the lecture notes or any physiology textbook. The major part, of course, should be about the information gathered from scientific papers. The reference list is an important part of the SE. Articles should be cited in the body text, showing where the actual idea or fact is coming from. The articles used should be listed in the Reference List section at the end of the SE. The use of figures or tables in the SE is strongly recommended, however, due to copyright laws, please, contact the supervisor when inserting any figure of photo. The optimal length of the SE is 2500 words (20 kilobytes).

Students might edit their wiki web pages till April 23, 2017. The supervisor should regularly informed about the progress. Without sufficient consultation, the SE will not be evaluated.


The department will rate the SE-s based on their added value. SE-s of unacceptable quality will not be rated further on. In case of SE, added value means the ability to digest a large amount of corresponding information followed by a relatively simple interpretation of the synthesized topic by rendering complicated facts understandable to a reader unfamiliar with the topic in question. Simple copying from review articles or textbooks will not be welcomed.

Authors of an essay with accepted grade will be exempted form the entrance test prior to the final exam. Authors of an essay with excellent grade will exempted from the entrance test and get maximal points for the figure (it should score at least 25%). Authors with a not accepted grade will receive no bonus.

The final decision will be announced at 8:15 on May 17, 2017 during the lecture hour.

For deadlines click here, for further useful information click here.

Project certificate DOC file - 2017 - 230 kB