Research profile

…related to the regulatory role of hypothalamus

  • hypothalamic regulation of reproductive mechanisms, food-intake, and circadian rhythms
  • integration of hypothalamic information processing on neuronal and subcellular level
  • role of neuronal energy expenditure and synaptic plasticity in the hypothalamic control of the physiological mechanisms

… related to effects of environmental factors on neuronal integrity

  • physiological role of tissue integrity and glial cells in the developing cerebellum
  • transcriptional and translational changes of different hormone receptors in response to their  different exogenous endocrine disruptors (EDs) in cerebellar cell cultures
  • effects of EDs on the developing nervous system
  • role of glial cells in relation to the above aspects

… related to pathological mechanisms in the liver derived from brain -failure

  • role of astroglial patomechanisms in hepatic encephalopathy
  • analysis of diagnostic value  of metabolic and brain-borne factors in liver derived brain failures
  • role of microglia in the pathogenesis of hepatic encephalopathy
  • correlation of neuroendothelial and astroglial elements in the development of blood derived brain failures

Research groups

Staff and details about our official research groups are as follows:

Neuroendocrinology Research Group

Neurophysiology, Neuromorphology Research Group

Immunoendocrinology and Epigenetics Research Group

E-learning Research Group

Our researchers

Dávid Sándor Kiss

MSc Biologist, PhD

Specialization: neuromorphology, neurophysiology

Experience: light and electron microscope techniques, mitochondrial measurements, fractionation techniques

István Tóth


Experience: neuromorphology, neurophysiology

Specialization: light and electron microscope techniques, mitochondrial measurements, fractionation techniques

Gergely Jócsák

MSc Biologist, PhD

Specialization: electrophysiology, neurophysiology

Experience: cell cultures, endocrine disruptors

Zoltán Bárány

DVM, PhD student

Specialization: neurophysiology

Experience: glia functions cell cultures, protein and immunoassays

Attila Zsarnovszky


Specialization: neuromorphology, neurophysiology

Experience: immunohistochemistry, electron microscope techniques, designing, implementing and evaluating experiments

Enikő Ioja

MSc Biotechnologist, PhD

Specialization: cell cultures, molecular techniques

Experience: DNA, RNA assays, PCR, cell cultures


  • University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
  • University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, USA
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany
  • Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
  • University of Kaposvár, Hungary
  • Purdue University, Indiana, USA


David Sándor Kiss, PhD