Radiobiology for veterinarians

On this elective, students can learn the theoretical bases of radiobiology as well as some practical implications important for a veterinarian.

The main goal of the elective is to provide the necessary background of the subject of radiobiology: mainly to explain how different types of radiation affect living organisms, and give an overview of theoretical and practical application of radiological methods in human and veterinary medicine and in agriculture. The elective also includes special topics explaining the biological consequences of radioactive contamination of the environment (food safety, veterinary and public health).

Time span: 15 hours
Prerequisites: Biophysics
Lecturer: Dr. Tibor Bartha, Dr. Dávid Kiss, Dr. István Tóth, Dr. Gergely Jócsák, Dr. Zoltán Bárány
  • Introduction
  • Radioactive isotopes: physics
  • Effects of radioactive isotopes on living organisms
  • Use of radioactive isotopes in modern technology
  • Radioactive isotopes in the ecosystem, catastrophes

  • “From stable to table” - radioactive contaminations

  • Introduction into veterinary nuclear medicine




On the final exam, students have to evaluate other students’ essays based on pre-determined criteria. Please bring your phone or any electronic device to the exam as the evaluation is through an online questionnaire.

The final grade is based on the average of the peer-evaluation (60%) and on the attendance on the lectures (40%).

Schedule and downloads

The semester schedule and the lecture material is available on the official elearning site of the course (