Requirements system

How to finish Physiology?

A semester is accepted if the student fulfills both the lab and the point system requirements (explained in the Midterms page) .

The requirements of a semester can only be fulfilled during the given semester according to the announced schedule. No other chances are available to complete missing obligations after the examination period starts. In order to fulfill the requirements of non-completed semester, student will have to sign up for that semester in physiology again.

All the 5 labs have to be successfully completed by the end of the semester (before the examination period starts). See completing labs.

Grading system and signiture

First semester

At the end of the first semester students receive a grade based on their points collected. Points can be collected during the semester with mid-term test and on the labs. Maximum 20 points can be collected by each mid-term and maximum 1 point by each lab.

The next table shows the grades as a function of collected points.


max. 60*

max. 65**


0 % - 50 %



not accepted

above 50 %




top 10 %




*: A student with lab exemption might collect maximum 60 points.
**: A student without exemptions can collect maximum 65 points.

As an example, that student, who is exempted neither from labs nor from mid-terms can collect maximum 65 (3×20 + 5×1) points.

The student fulfills the "point system requirements", if he or she collected more the 50 % of the possible points and does not have any mid-term tests with 6 points or less.

Not fulfilling the laboratory requirements will result in a "not accepted" grade.

Second semester

Not fulfilling either the lab or the point system requirements will result in a "not accepted" grade. Grades of the second semester is based on the results of the final exam.

Qualification for the final exam

Physiology ends with a final exam.

  • To sit the final exam, students must fulfill the lab and point system requirements in both semesters.
  • Students, who have fulfilled only the lab requirements, and have over 50 % of point collected as an average of the two semesters and have not got more that 2 mid-terms below 7 points might sit for a final exam with an extended test
Please note that the extended entrance test is not easy. The department provides this option for students who - due to different reasons - had a weak semester, but made it up with a stronger one,. With this option, these students can correct their cumulative score and qualify for the Final Exam. This is not a penalty but a different option for the qualification. Nevertheless, for your own good, aim the Final Exam without an extended test. 

Retaking a semester

In order to collect more points in physiology, students are allowed to retake the midterms. In this case, the lab requirements is already accepted.

A student will be exempted from lectures and mid-terms, if he or she signs up only for taking the physiology labs again.

If a student signs up for a semester again to redo the labs or the mid-terms, all the lab results or points of the not-completed semester will be erased, respectively. Not completing, consequently retaking any part of physiology course might involve some financial consequences(i.e. repetition fee). For detail please contact the Students' Secretariat.

The student fulfills the "point system requirements", if he or she collected more the 50 % of the possible points and does not have any mid-term tests with 6 points or less.


The department issues no certificate of completed studies in physiology. Please contact the Student Office.