Animal Paleophysiology

The course that allows insight into physiological mechanisms and principles from an aspect fully different from that of regular subjects, is devoted primarily for veterinary students, however it well completes the curriculum of the Biology BSc and MSc students. The goal of the course is to present the phylogenetic development of the most important physiological phenomena by mean of the recent findings. The course discusses the physiological features and inventions of the main groups of ancient creatures, and their way of adaptation to environmental conditions. The subject ends with a short summary of the major evolutionary processes and principles.




Time span:

26 hours


Physiology I.


David Sandor Kiss, PhD


  • Origin of the Metazoans
  • Fishes
  • Origin of basal Tetrapods
  • Dinosaurs
  • Bird evolution
  • Mammals
  • Mechanisms of evolution

Language of the course:



Written exam (Essay)


Marks from 1 to 5


Documents to download

Requirements PDF file - 2017-04   220 kB
1. Sauropoda PDF file - 2017-03   13 MB
2a. Horned dinosaurs PDF file - 2016   4.7 MB
2b. Camelids PDF file - 2016   4.1 MB
3. Pterosaurs PDF file - 2017-03   23 MB
Topics PDF file - 2017-02   270 kB
student lecture 1 PDF file - 2017-02   1.3 MB
student lecture 2 PDF file - 2017-02   1.5 MB