Practical courses

During the two semesters, students needs to attend to 5+5 = 10 physiology labs.

The group assignment is set by the Secretariat for International Study Programs (max. 16 students/lab). Students must be on time for the practical courses according to the lab calendar). Students who are late will not be allowed to participate in the lab.

If you want to change groups, you need to contact Dr. Gergely Jocsak, who will evaluate your request based on free spaces in groups, and your request.

Until you receive an answer, the group change is not permitted!

  • Students coming with a group which is not theirs will be unable to do the lab.
  • Students asking for group change without a serious cause (medical paper, etc.) after their lab can get a new place with a different group but their lab will count as a retake lab (they can NOT get the lab point, they can NOT correct a 6 point test later).
  • If you pass this, you can still correct 2 labs at the end of the semester.
  • The above is also true for students who "move" their lab from Midterm days.

Duration of the individual labs: 3×45 minutes without brakes (2hrs. 15min)

Instructor responsible for lab: Dr. Gergely Jocsak

Preparing for the labs

Syllabi for each lab are made up of physiology standard data and a practical course handout (both can be found on the elearning page of the course: Students are expected to prepare themselves for each lab. The practical course handouts are updated from year to year, therefore handouts from previous years are not suitable. For downloading the handouts please use your personal user name and the password. We will send this to you after the first lecture by e-mail.

The course of the labs

  • Students must show up at the labs on schedule, wearing their white lab coat. Coats and bags should be placed into the cupboards in the hall. Students must take the practical course handout and their writing implements with them to the workbench.
  • Entrance tests: at the beginning of each lab students write a ten-question entrance test (duration: 5 min.). Students, who for any reason, have not taken the entrance test during the designated time, will not be allowed to attend the lab.
  • Demonstration of experiments: order of tasks, use of tools and instruments,  time to  ask questions.
  • Carry out the practical tasks independently or in co-operation according to the guidance of the instructor.
  • Evaluation and discussion of the results; verification of filled handouts.
  • At the end: tidying up the practical room, proper cleaning and/or putting the tools and instruments used during the lab in order they were found.

Please note that animal experiments should be carried out manually by each Student otherwise the given lab will be regarded as not accepted.

Completing the labs

Each of the labs should be successfully completed. At the beginning of each lab there is an entrance test which consists of 10 questions (5 about the lab manual, another 5 about standard data) on the given lab topic.

The status of a lab can be: (1) successfully completed lab, (2) not accepted lab, or (3) missed lab.

  • Successfully completed when:
    • the student actively participates the lab
    • the instructor does not notice serous deficiency in theoretical knowledge
    • the entrance test has at least 7 good answers.
  • Unsuccessful if the student shows up on the lab, but for any reason it can not be considered as a successfully completed lab.
  • Missed when the student does not show up or leaves early without permission.

Evaluation of the entrance tests:

correct answer





+ 1 practical point (to the points collected during the semester)



no practical point


not accepted

no practical point,
test is to retake within 2 weeks*


not accepted

no practical point,
test with extention is to retake at the end of the semester*

*For retake tests no practical point willl be added.

Make up lab

Not accepted and missed labs should be made up. The make up lab is at the end of semester, as announced. Student might make up only 2 labs.

  • The missing lab has to be done completely.
  • The unsuccessful lab has to be made up with an entrance test, which has to be at least a 7 point one. Student will also have to answer questions (oral or written) from the corresponding theoretical part (so called 'extention'), and reach at least the acceptable (>50%) level.

Please note that no further possibilities are given to make up missing obligations.

Long lasting illness and hospitalization will have individual judgment. In such case the department has to be notified in time.

Manuals to download

For downloading the handouts please use your user name and password received from the department.