Department of Physiology and Biochemistry

Head of department: Dr. Bartha, Tibor

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Dr. Bartha, Tibor

Dr. Bartha, TiboremailDr. Bartha, Tibor

Professor, Department Chair 
DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine): 1984, 
PhD (Catholic University of Leuven): 1993, 
DSc (Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences): 2003. 

Thyroid and leptin hormone metabolism. Has taken part in the teaching of physiology since 1984.Head of the research group that deals with thyroid hormone metabolism and general neuroendocrinology. Head of the Division of Physiology. 


  • Veterinary Physiology lectures, practical courses (Hungarian, English)
  • Bioinformatics, Molecular Cell Physiology (elective subjects)
  • General methods in research, Bioinformatics (PhD courses)
  • multimedia teaching

Hobby: skiing, computer programming