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Multimedia teaching

Dr. Rudas, Péter: Veterinary Physiology CD-ROM

The Veterinary Physiology CD-ROM can and is used as teaching material by the professor. In addition the CD-ROM has the advantage of allowing students to study veterinary Physiology independently as a supplement to lectures. Based on the experience of more than ten years in multimedia teaching, the author included about:
  • 900 pages of textual information
  • 1000 figures that can be displayed step-by-step
  • 200 animations
  • 60 short video-clips
  • 50 summary tables on physiological data
  • 2000 multiple-choice questions
The Veterinary Physiology CD-ROM is easy to use

Fast and easy navigation and orientation are ensured by a series of tools including the quick-map, the glossary, the list of abbreviations, the navigation buttons, and the help and info sections. An especially useful tool is the electronic notebook that allows the student to make notes on any page and then save them to his own hard disk.

This is a hardcopy of the help screen of the veterinary physiology CD-ROM
Pages of the CD-ROM contain active areas
This is a hardcopy of the help screen of the veterinary physiology CD-ROM
A navigation area was designed to reach different pages easily