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Workplace-based e-Assessment Technology for
Competency-based Higher Multi-professional Education


Project acronym: WATCHME
Project number: FP7-ICT-2013-11-619349
Duration: 1st of March 2014 – 28th of February 2017

Continuing education at the workplace has seen increasing demand as a crucial means of acquiring the requisite professional knowledge and skills. Electronic Portfolios (e-portfolios) for workplace training provide a global view of each trainee' s progress but offer no dynamic feedback to exploit the rich learning assessment data that could be analysed to support responsive adaptation for more efficient and rewarding training.

WATCHME effectively deploys Learning Analytics (LA) tools to deliver personalised learning; supporting learner empowerment, enhanced Quality-of-Experience, flexibility and mobility plus efficiency gains through workplace-based feedback and assessment. This is achieved by developing, implementing and evaluating a mobile, electronic portfolio-based system that utilises LA and student models to provide data-driven and model-based tailored feedback via a visualisation dashboard. The multi-sourced integrated deployment of authentic workplace data including self-reporting, narratives, qualitative and quantitative data e.g. videos and serious educational games enables the WATCHME trainees to exercise and thereby sharpen their learnt skills by responding to realistically situated judgment calls in a motivational and safe environment.

The close cooperation of educational researchers and ICT developers will deliver a tool to map critical professional tasks linked to their requisite competencies and markers for feedback and assessment in the workplace integrated with an easy access electronic portfolio system for data collection and LA-driven tools to inform trainees, teachers and supervisors about the trainee' s progress and deliver personalised Just-in-Time feedback with intuitive visualisation tools.

The WATCHME platform will be empirically validated for its quality and contribution to trainees' learning. The overall system shall be evaluated formatively and summatively in three professional environments (human medicine, veterinary medicine and teacher training) including benchmarking against control sets.

This project has received funding from the European Union' s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development, and demonstration.

The project involves 11 partners from all over Europe and also from the United States.
  • Partner 1 – Universiteit Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • Partner 2 – Jayway APS (Denmark)
  • Partner 3 – Mateum BV (The Netherlands)
  • Partner 4 – NetRom Software SRL (Romania)
  • Partner 5 – Szent Istvan Egyetem (Hungary)
    (Project leader: Prof. Tibor Bartha, Member: Dr. Míra Mándoki)
  • Partner 6 – Tartu Ulikool (Estonia)
  • Partner 7 – CHARITE – Universitaets Medizin (Germany)
  • Partner 8 – Universiteit Maastricht (The Netherlands)
  • Partner 9 – Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • Partner 10 – The University of Reading (United Kingdom)
  • Partner 11 – The Regents of the University of California (United States of America)
  • WP2 Pre-meeting with educational partners (January 25. 2014, Amsterdam)
  • Kick-off meeting (March 21-22. 2014, Utrecht)
  • 1st Steering Committee Meeting (September 12. 2014, Berlin)
  • Kick-off meeting WP6 (November 28. 2014, Amsterdam)
  • General Assembly meeting (April 23-24. 2015, Luxemburg)
  • Site visit (July 1-10, 2015, Chantal Duijn, UUV)
  • 2nd Steering Committee Meeting (August 29, 2015, Limassol, Ciprus)
  • General Assembly meeting (April 17-18, 2016, Luxemburg)
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